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Develop Teamwork
Increase Wellbeing

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What counts as exercise, counts

What counts as exercise, counts

Develop physical activity habits

Develop physical activity habits

28 Days of Activity

28 Days of Activity

Improve Wellbeing

Improve Wellbeing

Sign up for a 4-Week Physical Activity Game that every employee can play. Whatever counts as exercise, counts!

Log Activities | Score Points | Earn Rewards

Next Start: Monday 27th March 2023

Aim to meet & exceed the recommended minimum weekly guidelines for physical activity.

No measuring of steps or counting calories, just logging of activities such as Walk, Hike, Run, Cycle, Swim, Yoga, Strength and Workouts to score points and earn rewards.

  • - Connect People

  • - Improve Wellbeing

  • - Boost Morale

  • - Promote Work:Life Balance

  • - Develop Teamwork

  • - Enhance your Culture

Play alongside other Organisations and Top the Leaderboard.

Play in Teams and win prizes.

Benefit from our partner discounts such as 25% off Garmin & 33% off Les Mills+

Join the Oopla Community and create some friendly competition.

Oopla Masterclass on Zoom every Wednesday at 12pm. Ask the expert how to maximise your Oopla Score!

Only £20 per person

  • - Earn £5 eVoucher for reaching 250 Oopla

  • - Earn £10 eVoucher for reaching 500 Oopla

  • - Earn £15 eVoucher for reaching 750 Oopla

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The next Oopla Games starts in:





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Oopla allows everyone to participate on a level playing field, so everybody is able to take part, regardless of fitness ability or time availability.

The main aim is to meet and exceed the WHO recommended activity levels each week (approx 30 minutes per day), something that everyone should always be trying to achieve.

Players score points by taking part in their own choice of activities, so Oopla will suit every type of interest & level. It's a fair game!

Each Round of Oopla is 4-weeks / 28 days long and there are 13 Rounds per year.

We run The Oopla Games by choosing one of these Rounds.

Anyone can join Oopla at any time and simply jump into the current Round to start playing. All scoreboards then reset every Day 1.

The primary aim of Oopla is to help people develop daily physical activity habits.

To climb the Leaderboard, the aim of the game is to score points and maximise your potential score by strategic thinking, daily planning & scheduling and of course, regular physical activity.

Yes, you can donate your eVoucher to a choice of charities.

Organisations may also choose to make a donation to a Charity of its choosing based on your final Oopla score.

Simply login and go to the Activity Log using the + Symbol to add an activity manually or connect to one of the third-party connections like Strava or Garmin to add activities automatically.

No, all players require is access to the internet to log their activity. They can use a smartphone to download and use the free Strava App to record activities, these will sync automatically with Oopla. If they own a compatible fitness device (e.g. Garmin or Apple Watch), they can sync this to Strava to use with Oopla.

Oopla can also be synced directly with Garmin Connect and we can provide a 25% discount on a selection of devices.

Oopla complies with all GDPR legislation. View https://www.oopla.app/privacy

Everyone can choose to use our Stealth Mode on the Leaderboard if they want to keep their identity completely hidden.

Strava & Garmin users can choose their Full Privacy Settings ("Only Me") so you become invisible on thei platforms and only the data we need gets sent to us at Oopla.

If you have any further questions, you can visit Oopla Help or email us at help@oopla.app